Michelle Jenks is co-founder and trainer at Grace Institute. She is a speaker, strategic planner, and coach with a varied background in corporate training, entrepreneurial businesses, volunteer coordinator, and ministry development. Michelle has a background in worship/praise team and band leading and has a certificate of worship leadership. She has served as Pastor of Worship & Growth, organized group life and assisted in strategic planning. She utilizes her undergraduate studies at Wheaton College (with an emphasis on philosophy and Bible) to co-author numerous devotionals, curriculum and Bible studies available for use through Grace Institute. She currently is executive director of The FUSIoN Project, a program for Jr. Hi girls to build self esteem and prevent victimization. i. michelle@thefusionproject365.org

Ninety percent of the churches in America are stagnant or dying. Most of those are small to medium-sized churches that are under-resourced.  Grace Institute exists to come alongside the leaders of those churches and help them revive, hear a fresh call and develop strategies to be renewed and WHOLE. Call 630-258-8245.

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Roger Jenks is Director of Grace Institute. In addition to serving 44 years as lead pastor in churches of varying sizes after graduating from Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, he brings a diverse background of experiences, including serving as a teaching tennis pro and coach, a CBS religious news reporter, a keynote speaker and church consultant around the country, a published author, and composer of multiple musicals and Christian music. He and Michelle have led programs for regional staff, new church planters, and seminary students as well. Roger created a biblical literacy program that has been adopted by congregations in over 12 denominations, developed the Pastor’s Academy and co-developed the Youth Summit with Michelle. His diverse skills and ability offer clients a comprehensive approach to greater success.  ​roger.jenks@grace-institute.com


Many of the churches we work with are small to mid-size and their resources are limited. This often limits and affects those who are looking for some support. Through generous people like you, we are able to help people transform their lives and bring their churches back to life.  

Your donation makes it possible for these churches and leaders who feel the most at risk to get a chance to receive help and revitalization.

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